Everyday Products That Are Ruining Your Health with Darin Olien

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Here at Food Matters, we understand the power of food to harm or heal. However, are you aware of the subtle yet profound ways in which our environment affects our health and vitality? Many of us don't realize how everyday products we use can harm our health. No matter how well you eat, if you continue to use these everyday toxins, you may be unknowingly harming your health.

There are subtle yet profound ways our environment affects our health and vitality. Here at Food Matters, we understand the power of food to harm or heal. However, many of us don't realize that the everyday products we use can harm our health too. If you continue exposing yourself to these everyday toxins, you could be exposing yourself to chronic disease, no matter how well you eat.

You might know Darin Olien as the co-host of the Netflix Docu-series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Darin has spent years exploring and discovering the power of plant medicine, leading him to write his best-selling books SuperLife and Fatal Conveniences.

We’re excited to dive into this conversation with Darin about the everyday things we do that are disrupting our health, our endocrine system, and even our Earth. We are so passionate about this at Food Matters because many of us are bombarded with toxins every day by our homes, personal products, and even the clothes we wear.

In this week's episode with Darin Olien, you’ll discover:

  • Understanding the Fatal Conveniences: What they are and how they manifest in everyday life
  • Exploring the biological effects of toxins on our health
  • Identifying common toxins in everyday products
  • Simple ways to begin detoxing from harmful substances
  • And so much more!

Episode Highlights:

13:00 - Behind the filming of the Down to Earth Docu-Series with Zac Efron
16:30 - The important changes we need to be making to make changes in our environment
17:30 - Regenerative agriculture and why it's important to our future
21:30 - Darin's mission to make change in large companies
27:10 - What are Fatal Conveniences and common toxins we're being exposed to
28:30 - The biological impact these toxins are having on our health
29:50 - The surprising everyday products that are exposing you to these toxins
34:28 - Steps you can take to limit exposure to these toxins
44:35 - The power of elimination and detoxification

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