Could Healing Your Trauma Impact the Wider Community? An Important Conversation with Yemi Penn

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How can raising awareness about trauma lead to collective healing and societal well-being? By understanding and addressing our own trauma, we can break its cycle and create a ripple effect that benefits our entire community. Yemi's profound insights and practical strategies offer valuable guidance on how we can all contribute to a healthier, more connected world through personal and collective healing.

This episode will have you questioning what steps you can personally take for better mental and emotional well-being that will ultimately contribute to a healthier, more connected world. 

Yemi Penn, is an author, documentary producer, and speaker dedicated to the transformative journey of acknowledging and healing trauma.

In this week's episode with Yemi Penn, you’ll learn: 

  • Understanding the growing awareness around trauma and its implications.
  • The importance of breaking the cycle of trauma for both individuals and society.
  • Effective practices and strategies for personal healing.
  • Encouragement and inspiration for listeners to embark on their own healing journeys.
  • And so much more!

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