10 Tips For Surviving A Cold


As we are ever so close to the Winter months, many of us have been topping up our intake of immune boosters, to try to prevent a cold or flu.

Sometimes, even with preventative methods in place, viruses or bacterias can still work their way through to our immune system, and we succumb to coughs or colds anyway!

If you are overworked, stressed, under slept, dehydrated etc, you may be more susceptible to these symptoms. Oftentimes you can't put your finger on the reason. This is my situation right now.


So Here Are My 10 Favourite Fall Cold Survival Tips


Hydration is vital at all times of course, but during a cold, it can be extra helpful. Up your water intake, to keep hydrated in case of a high temperature, while flushing toxins from your system. Drinking water will also help to soften & break down any mucus that has built up.


We grow mint in our garden, and together with coconut oil, we create our own vapor rub, which I find to be hugely effective. Rubbed on the chest or feet this natural, simple balm can provide relief and relaxation by opening the airways, promoting a more restful night’s sleep. Which leads me to.....


Getting to bed early while under the weather can speed up the convalescence no end! Close the book, turn off the tv, the laptop, the light and snuggle down for the night!


We all know honey helps colds, but this wouldn't be a great list if it went without a mention an old faithful! Honey soothes an irritated throat, while also being a well known natural antibiotic. Taken by the spoonful or added to teas, hot nut milks or smoothies, honey is an easy one to incorporate into your wellness diet.


You may not have much of an appetite when suffering from a cold, so fruit is a perfect way snack yourself well. When my children have a cold, I set out copious amounts of an array of fruit to snack on throughout the day. This gives the body a massive injection of vitamins, which will support the body in fighting off viruses.


natural yogurt with live cultures will support your immune system as it clears bacterias from your body. Topped with berries or nuts, accompanying granola or added to smoothies, Probiotic yogurt is a must have in your survival kit!


Jam packed full of antioxidants, berries assist the body in removing toxins. As with fruits, berries are easy to snack on, or in addition to other dishes.

8. TEA

As mentioned above, we grow our own mint. Among other foods and plants, we grow the Chamomile flower. Both mint leaves and chamomile leaves can be washed, brewed in hot water over a hob for several mins, strained into a cup and sweetened with honey if necessary. You can buy these leaves dried from your local health store if you don't grow them.


Garlic is another food highly regarded for its antibiotic properties. Personally, I take garlic raw. Crushing, then chopping, the clove, I swallow it down with water, for quick absorption.


As stated above, appetite may be waning while experiencing the symptoms of a cold, and smoothies are a perfect solution. You can have several smoothies throughout the day, with different recipes for each, giving your immune the biggest boost possible. You can incorporate most of the previous suggestions into your smoothies recipes, making it a great all rounder.

Hopefully my personal tips will help you push through a cold in record time!

How Do You Prevent Cold And Flu Naturally?

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