Mairead James

Mairead James is a young mother of 2, whom along with her husband homeschool. Both have undertaken a vegetarian diet & have brought their children up from birth on a wholesome plant-based diet. Mairead runs two Facebook pages, one on homeschooling & another on holistic wellness. On both of these pages, she shares tips, experiences, recipes and more. Mairead is eager to share with people how simple it is to incorporate healing food into your daily life. Due to this desire Mairead has started a personal blog called Mai Holistic Life which shows how to use specific foods for particular outcomes (immune boost, energy boost, diabetes Support etc). Mairead is also completing her Pilates Trainer course and is a huge advocate for conscious eating, and agrees on how important it is to put nutritious food at the top of your priority list.

My Articles

Natural Therapies

10 Tips For Surviving A Cold

Mairead James Mairead James Nov 30, 2015

Trying to prevent or reduce symptoms of a cold or the flu? Try these 10 natural flu-fighting tips!

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Health Tips

Awesome Autumn Immune Boosters

Mairead James Mairead James Sep 25, 2015

Now is the optimum time to start giving your immune system an extra helping hand, as it adjusts to the changes in temperature and …

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