10 Ways To Avoid Jet Lag


Can’t wait for your next vacation but already dreading the negative side effects of jet lag? Good news…there are ways around it so you don’t have to spend your holidays in bed!

Flying through different time zones, can take a toll on your body. Some of the side effects can be; lack of energy/feeling run down, which can result in getting sick, feeling bloated, sleep deprived and foggy thinking.

Here Are 10 Tips To Prevent The Above From Happening

  1. Drink lots of water - Before you leave, during the travel period and once you arrive! This is so important as dehydration is the major cause of the above symptoms
  2. Refrain from drinking dehydrators - These being coffee and alcohol, they can make you more dehydrated and groggy leading to a weakened immune system
  3. Exercise - Do this before you get on the plane, this will help you sleep. Once you arrive, try and go for a walk and do some stretching, this will re-energize you
  4. Come prepared - Bring healthy snacks with you to keep you from reaching for salty junk food. Examples - Healthy fats such as avocado and nuts, protein balls, apple, nut butter, celery, carrots
  5. Melatonin supplement - I always use this when I travel, it won’t knock you out, but it helps your body prepare for sleep (an eye mask also works wonders to block out the light)
  6. Wear comfy clothes- It makes you feel cozy which helps you relax and prepare for sleep.
  7. Probiotic - Bring a probiotic that does not require refrigeration, this will help keep your digestion on track
  8. Book the red eye flight when possible- This makes it easier to adjust.
  9. Magnesium- An important supplement to travel with, helps relax the body and prepares you for a good sleep
  10. Green juice!! Eating away from home can mean you aren’t getting all your servings of fruits + veg, this reassures you are getting what you need and gives you an added boost of energy

Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to feel good all vacation long. Enjoy!!

What Is Your Routine Before A Long Flight?


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