12 Essential Oils for Mother’s Day

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Essential Oils are taking over! And it is a great thing!

You’ve probably heard from your friends, family, or even seen on social media, that essential oils are now a part of everyday life. For us, what seems to be this new fad, is actually something that is thousands of years old. Ever wonder what people did for medicine before pharmaceuticals and the chemical advancements of today? Essential Oils! The earliest known use of these miracle oils was in 4500 BCE in Egypt. Looks like this “new” trend is (and has been) here to stay.

What exactly can essential oils be used for? How do I use them? Can they really replace chemist prescribed ointments and medications? Do they work the same for everyone?

The best thing about oils is that they are powerful. Put them in a diffuser and change the atmosphere and mood of everyone in the room. Especially for women, who tend to think that they just are not good enough, these oils can be a great way to work with nature to bring out your best, because you are enough and you are worth it! Honor what you have!

Below are 12 of our favorite essential oils along with their benefits: 


Frankincense is deeply comforting, taken from the resin of the tree it has a smooth and penetrating aroma that has been used for centuries. May assist with asthma, bronchitis, anxiety, nervous tension, stress, fears, nightmares, meditation, dry skin, scars, and wrinkles.

2. Palmarosa

This sweet, floral, lemony oil is also known as Turkish geranium oil due to the high geraniol content which makes it smell rose-like. May assist with emotions, oily skin, dry skin, rash, eczema, detox, labor, scars, and wrinkles.

3. Lavender

Your first aid kit and dream mum in a bottle! A must-have oil in every home. May assist with coughs, colds, burns, bites, stings, stress, anxiety, headaches, depression, nervous tension, insomnia and skin conditions. 

4. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has an exotic and uplifting aroma. May assist with irritability, impatience, anxiety, depression, combination skin, pms, pmt, frustration, anger, grief, self-confidence and as an aphrodisiac.

5. Patchouli

Patchouli is a popular oil used throughout time in incense and perfume, and as an insect deterrent and in rituals within temples. May assist with cracked skin, scars, fluid retention, cellulite, eczema, stress, anxiety, depression, wounds, sores and is an aphrodisiac.

6. Rosewood

Rosewood it is the oil to call on when feeling wrung out or bogged down. May assist with acne, sensitive skin, damaged skin, immune boost, depression, headaches, anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

7. Sandalwood

A very grounding, reassuring, stabilizing and strengthening oil. May assist with cystitis, cracked skin, itchy skin, stress, tension, respiratory problems, sore throat, meditation, and prayer.

8. Myrrh

This warm spicy sensual oil has always been renowned as an excellent oil to help enhance spirituality and as a meditation aid. May assist with eczema, athlete's foot, dry skin, diarrhea flatulence, coughs, colds, cold sores, meditation, and prayer.

9. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is known for its cleansing, energizing, refreshing and easing qualities. May assist with colds, flu, asthma, muscle aches, immune boost, headaches, nervous tension, burns, blisters, cuts, and insect repellant.

10. Tea Tree

Tea Tree is one of the most antiseptic of all oils, it is your first aid kit in a bottle. May assist with bacteria, virus and fungus conditions, colds, flu, negativity, rash, acne, pimples and athlete's foot.

11. Cedarwood

A very grounding oil that has soothing and harmonizing qualities. May assist with eczema, oily skin, cystits, dandruf, stress, tension and anxiety.

12. Pine

Pine is one of nature’s secret weapons for the first aid kit. May assist with coughs, cold, flu, asthma, muscle aches, poor circulation, mental fatigue, emotional fatigue, arthritis and kidney exhaustion.

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