12 Ways to Conquer Candida Naturally

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Candida is one of the most commonly known causes of fungal infections all over the world that affects men and women. Candida is a determined species that can be hard to shake off.

These 12 Way can help you to finally conquer Candida Naturally:

  1. Avoid Foods that Feeds the Infection:
    Candida thrives off Sugar. With an over consumption of the 21st century, western diet, it is no wonder candida is a global epidemic. Avoid processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Even natural fruit sugars can fuel the fire.

  2. Build Immunity:
    The continuation of candida can be a sign of poor immune system. It is important to build up the body’s immunity to help fight off the unwanted bacteria and maintain this immunity strength to protect the system from it returning.  

  3. Focus on Gut Health:
    Maintaining gut health plays a vital role in strengthening immunity and fighting off the candida. Our stomachs can either be a war zone or a temple of healing. If our gut health is protected, it can prevent the virus from entering the bloodstream. Dose yourself up with good bacteria through probiotics, as a means of ammo for that bad bacteria.

  4. Learn to Fight Back:
    Never surrender to Candida! Learn to fight back with natural potent antibiotics. Sticking to natural antibiotics is recommended due to the antibiotic resistance candida can uphold. Anti-fungals such as Garlic can be very effective as a supporting antibiotic.

  5. Maintain Fluids:
    Maintaining fluids and water intake is highly important for helping to give the system a thorough flush out. Drinking more water also helps to aid digestion and support the digestive tract.

  6. Go Alkalise:
    Try to stick to alkalising foods such as cruciferous greens and good fats while steering clear from high acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes.

  7. Lower Carbs:
    Lower your carb game! Carbs convert to sugars. Which in turn, feeds your Candida. Try swapping your carbs for healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes.

  8. Try to avoid grains when possible:
    If you are already suffering from Candida, there is a chance that you may be intolerant to foods such as grains or dairy due to the body’s fragile state. If you consume these foods and experience discomfort, try to remove them from your diet until your symptoms improve.

  9. Emotional Healing:
    Candida can bring on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Make sure to take some time out and learn to listen to your body’s needs. Emotional healing can be achieved through meditative reflection, yoga or can be as simple as resting and avoiding high stress situations. Homeopathic remedies can also be a useful alternative in helping support the body’s vitality.

  10. Liver detox:
    Studies show that candida can lead to liver damage due to the amount of toxins that are released. Undergoing a liver detox can be beneficial in supporting the liver to those suffering candida symptoms. Particularly as the yeast begins to die off.

  11. High dosage of Vitamin C:
    Vitamin C is Nature’s most powerful vitamin for healing. Vitamin C helps fight off the ‘die-off’ symptoms of candida. This is when the yeast in the body releases toxins into the system as it gets killed off. 

  12. Exercise:
    Keep physical! Keep the blood flowing in your system. This will assist in maintaining positive mental health and make you feel good!

Suffering symptoms of candida can be frustrating to the say the least. It can be easy to give into quick-fix drugs, but they are not the answer to a long term issue. To overcome, you must have patience and a positive mind to conquer its determination. You are in control of your own body. With these tips, you can beat the yeast!

What is your way of fighting Candida?