5 Calcium Rich Alternatives To Milk


Calcium is an essential mineral to our body, it is the building blocks to our bones and maintains bodily functions such as heart rhythm, nerve communication and the contraction and release of our muscles! Common knowledge tends to steer us towards dairy products as the ultimate source of calcium……

One of our recent releases on FMTV ‘Got The Facts On Milk’ questions the conventional wisdom of the much publicised health benefits of dairy and milk. We know that calcium is super important for our health but what are some other sources of calcium besides dairy? We have put together a list for you of non-dairy calcium loaded foods!

1. Dark Leafy Greens 

Dark leafy greens are loaded with calcium! Greens such as; Kale (Collard Green), Broccoli and Spinach are packed full of this essential mineral. Around about 40-60% of the calcium found in these plants can be absorbed by the body. The mineral ‘Magnesium’ is best friends with these greens as they both need to be present for proper absorption. 

2. Almonds 

Who doesn’t love almonds? With over 26% of your daily value of calcium per 100g, almonds are the perfect ‘Go-To’ booster snack to up your calcium intake. Not to mention they are loaded with protein, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium & are a low-sugar snack option! 

3. Tofu/Tempeh

Tofu offers the body up to 350mg of calcium per 100-gram serving! Tofu is a great alternative for vegetarians and vegans as it is also loaded with protein.  Be sure though to check the back of the label for the ingredient ‘Calcium Sulphate’ as it offers the body more bioavailable calcium. Not sure how to use tofu/tempeh, here are some easy recipes to get you started!

4. Edamame Beans

Have you ever had edamame beans before? These green soybeans often found in Asian or sushi restaurants and are a great supplementary source of calcium. Buy them frozen from an Asian grocer, heat them up & sprinkle a little sea salt on top for a super satisfying snack.  

5. Rice Milk 

Rice milk, as well as other milk alternatives, are usually fortified with calcium and vitamin D (which facilitates calcium absorption in the body). These alternatives provide the body with anywhere between 30-40% of your daily value of calcium per serving! If you are looking to ease off your dairy intake but worried about your calcium levels how about swapping cows milk in your coffee for a milk alternative. We suggest varieties with minimal added sugar, so don’t forget to check the ingredients!


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