8 Simple Steps To A More Blissful Life


Gratitude, right?  It's more than just saying thank you when someone picks up the bill.  
I wanted to really get to the heart of why I started The Gratitude Project.  Gratitude is what makes everything you already have more than enough to keep you happy.  The concept that your life can improve beyond measure by simply thinking a different way is almost scary to some people.  The fact that you have that much power inside you, the ability to have the life of your dreams and feel complete and whole in yourself.  
I've listed my 8 tips to show more gratitude in your daily life.  I don't expect anyone to start doing all 8 right away, but if it feels right to you, focus on one.  Write it down somewhere you'll see it often and be sure to work on that one area of thanks.  

1. Be Grateful For Yourself  

There is NO SHAME in practicing self love.  I believe the best way to find love is within and loving yourself starts with gratitude.  Be grateful for your body for working hard to keep your heart beating, your lungs taking in air and your eyes for blinking.  This all happens with no thought.   Be grateful for your eyes that let you see, your legs that take you where you need to go and your hands for holding on.  Stop putting energy and focus into what you're unhappy with.  If you zero in on the good, the negative will drift away.. Eventually.  

2. Be Kind To The Earth

Heard of Karma?  You get what you give.  Think of what the earth gives to us.  Are you doing what you can to take care of it?  It's really not that hard.  Just start small.  Walk more than you drive.  Don't waste food.  Reduce pesticide use by eating local and organic. Refuse packaging where possible.  And something we've been taught since childhood.. Don't litter!  

3. Do Work That Aligns With Your Heart 

Where is your passion?  What is your career?  Are they in alignment?  The best thing we can do for this world is love what we do.  If everyone was working in an industry they truly cared for, imagine how different life would be!  The first step here is figuring out where you heart lies.  Once you can answer that, start moving towards it and soon you'll be unable to call it work anymore.  

4. Practice Reciprocity

This is the act of rewarding positive action with another.  It's lovely when someone does something out of the kindness of their heart with no expectations.  But getting into the habit of always reciprocating a good deed with another makes life just that bit sweeter.  It shows people you're grateful for their actions and it'll warm your heart when you see the effect it has on another's happiness.  

5. Realize There Are No Right Or Wrong Decisions 

There are only choices and the universe will give you feedback on whatever choice you make.  Taking the judgement out of what others do makes it easier to appreciate them.  If you follow your intuition when faced with right or left you're safe in knowing you will learn what you need to.  Be grateful for everything you learn in life, it's turning you into who you need to be.  

6. Keep A Gratitude Journal 

I recommend this to everyone.  If you're not one to carry around a notepad and pen, just type it into your phone!  So often we go to bed thinking of what didn't get done, what went wrong and what we need to do tomorrow.  The change that occurs when you spend a few minutes before bed thinking about what went right is incredible.  Beginning your rest with a positive mind sets you up for a blissful sleep. 

7. Remind People How Awesome They Are

Have you got a mother who would drop anything to help you move house?  Or a best friend who you know would be your number one cheerleader if you told them you were doing something crazy like changing career or moving to a different country?  Don't wait for people to do amazing things before you remind them of how great they are.  Tell them now!  A random, out of the blue phone call or even just a text message will brighten their day and the unexpected gift for them is that they will find themselves striving harder to be that amazing person you see inside of them.  

8. Give Thanks For The Negative In Your Life 

Because it's a gift.  In so many ways.  When something bad happens, it later reminds you of all the goodness that surrounded your life prior.  It's also a lesson.  Without the mistakes, the troubles and issues of life, where would we be?  Probably pretty ungrateful, because we wouldn't know how lucky we were.  

What Are Your Tips For Finding Bliss In Your Life? 


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