Clean Your Home With Probiotics

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If You Don't Have Time To Read The Full Article, Here Are The Main Points To Know:

  • Probiotic cleaners are safe, natural and non-toxic
  • They work by creating a healthy microbial environment in your home
  • The ‘good bugs’ in probiotic cleaners help to cancel out the ‘bad bugs’ on household surfaces
  • Probiotic cleaners tend to be highly concentrated. They might cost a little more at first, but they go a long way

Yup, You Read It Right. This Title’s No Mistake!

At a time when many of us are questioning the integrity and environmental dangers of using chemical cleaning products, probiotic alternatives may just provide the answers we’ve been searching for.

Find out why natural cleaning products are a fantastic option, what the probiotic types are and how they actually work.

Why Choose Natural Cleaning Products?

Now, more so than ever before, consumers are wise to the benefits of caring for their own health and the health of the planet. After all, everything we do on this planet has an impact somewhere.

The chemicals we pour down bathroom sinks and laundry drains don’t just vanish into thin air. Ultimately, they end up in natural waterways, oceans and aquatic ecosystems.

Our bodies also absorb chemicals from cleaning agents via our airways and skin. Volatile organic compounds from chemical cleaning products evaporate into the air and make their way into the nervous system, kidneys and liver. Your skin is a sponge, and many of the harmful chemicals within cleaning products use this as a passageway into the bloodstream. 

In small doses, these things might not seem like they would impact our health or planet very much. But collectively, they do add up and make a difference.

In fact, more than 32 pounds of cleaning products go down the drain in American households EVERY day.

For young families, the impact of chemical cleaning products can cause immediate harm. Cleaning supplies are ranked within the Top Five substances included in phone calls to the National Poison Control Center.

Furthermore, over 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been made since the 1940’s. Yet many of these chemicals that appear in common household cleaning products haven’t been tested for their accumulative effects on human health.

Alternatively, most green cleaning products are biodegradable, non-toxic and have a much lower impact on the environment after they’ve been used in our homes. Yet traditionally, ‘green products’ have had a bit of public stigma about being expensive or ineffective.

That is, until now.

What Are Probiotic Cleaning Agents?

Probiotic Cleaning Agents don’t use conventional chemicals to make your home sparkling clean. As the name suggests, the key functional ingredient is probiotic bacteria!

While they have been used around Europe for a long time now, probiotic cleaning products are only now hitting the US market. And they’re making a big bang!

When applied to a cleaning surface, these probiotic bacteria set to work making enzymes, bacteriocins and bio-chemicals that naturally clean and detoxify. Just like good bacteria help to balance the bad in nature, probiotic cleaning products can create this same balance in your house. 

How Do Probiotic Cleaning Products Work?

Chemical cleaners create a temporary ‘bomb’ that obliterates bacteria (including the good ones!). 

When conventional cleaning agents are applied to surface in your home, all types of bacteria are momentarily wiped away. However, this area becomes quickly re-polluted with dirt, dust and microbes that are captured from the air.

Alternatively, probiotic cleaning products create a tiny eco-system of microbes. These friendly bugs make their own enzymes and natural chemicals that keep the bad bugs in check, plus help to break down odors, fats and waste in between cleaning sessions.

Pros of Probiotic Cleaners:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Natural
  • Many products are suitable for greywater and septic systems (always double-check with manufacturer first though)
  • Non-toxic
  • Less cleaning time – the bacteria continue their magic once you’ve done your part!
  • Generally biodegradable
  • Most companies tend to use eco-friendly packaging


  • Can’t use on stone surfaces
  • Not suitable for use on unsealed wood 
  • Outlay is initially sometimes a bit more expensive (but it’s highly concentrated and therefore goes further)

Probiotic cleaners are a safe, natural and effective natural domestic solution for your home. We’ve been delighted with the results here at the Food Matters office!

Have You Ever Tried Probiotic Cleaning Agents? And Do You Have Any Other Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips To Share?