Could Nutrition Improve Mental Health Better Than Prescription Drugs?


Mental health is one of the greatest concerns in the modern age, and while phenomenal headway is being made in diagnosis and treatment, new leading research is discovering that there is a direct correlation between depression and anxiety and the food we eat. 

Mental Health is severely affecting countries all over the world but especially us here in Australia - the lucky country? We have alarming statistics with one out of 5 adults dealing with mental health issues.  We have one out of four females between 16-24 being diagnosed with a mental health disorder - and that is those we know about. What about all the others suffering in silence and leading to self harm, addictions and more?  If you are an educator, this is not news to you.

If you live in the corporate space you will be aware that mental health is the leading cause of absenteeism and low productivity. If you are a parent, a teenager or heck, if you’re the Prime Minister,  you will want to see this talk.

Mental Health has many causes. Michele discusses all of them and then reveals some leading-edge nutritional research that proves that food, nutrients and minerals can have a positive impact on our mental health.  While therapy and medication work wonders for millions, an adjustment of diet could also be a key player in mental wellbeing.


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