Michele Chevalley Hedge

Michele Chevalley Hedge, Nutritional Medicine Practiitioner, author, presenter and founder of Low Sugar Lifestyle Program. Michele is always sharing research and clinical experience on how food is as important for our mental health as our physical health. Michele is a CureCancer Australia Ambassador, Nature Care College Ambassador & Jamie Oliver's ambassador as well.

My Articles

Could Nutrition Improve Mental Health Better Than Prescription Drugs?

Michele Chevalley Hedge Sep 17, 2017

Here’s how your eating habit could be affecting the state of your mental health.

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Cravings - What They Actually Mean

Michele Chevalley Hedge Apr 11, 2016

Those cravings aren’t random! Find out why you have specific cravings and what it means about your body.

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Eat Your Way To Happiness (Video)

Michele Chevalley Hedge Aug 24, 2015

Energy, vitality and serotonin - it's all in your food! A healthy view on nutrition is essential for our mental stability, emotional resilience and …

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