Dance Of Liberation: A 7-Step Guide to a Life of Joy, Vitality and Purpose


Every night in clubs around the world, thousands of people are filling dance floors with sweat, moving and grooving to the rhythm of DJs spinning tunes. They are expressing themselves through the language of body movement. They’re gyrating in crowds searching for connection, for the feelings of freedom found in the ecstatic experience of dance. They may be fueling their nights of ecstasy with chemical highs such as drugs or alcohol - or scanning the room for a one-night stand. These people are looking for meaning, looking for people, looking for their tribe; but most of all looking to meet themselves. The next day, however, the hangover takes hold.  They’re alone again.  The connection was empty, and the sense of purpose found in the beat just doesn’t last. The searching didn’t lead to something being found. Yet the quest continues. 

Dance of Liberation was born out of the addictive behavior I saw at these parties. My vision was to create a holistic “rave scene”: a multi-sensory dance floor evoking ecstasy rather than the need to pop a pill. 

Dance is an essential part of our human quest for meaning, purpose, and a joyful way of living in the body that has been part of cultures around the world throughout history. The structured methodology of DOL offers a systematic and cross-cultural approach grounded in tradition yet accessible to the ravers searching for liberation in the club scene.  

Although DOL has been an integral part of the holistic rave community since 1999, it is more than simply an alternative nightlife experience. Dance of Liberation™ offers a sacred container with an easy-to-follow methodology for living a modern life of purpose and connection. The 7 foundations of DOL are a map that guides people to live their lives to the fullest with commitment and accountability. 

While dance is obviously one component of this approach (one of the 7 foundations), the DOL formula has been adapted to meet the needs of non dancers both on and off the dance floor. The 7 foundations program offers a lifestyle that leads to a grounded state of ecstasy in our everyday lives 

Seven Foundations of Dance of Liberation

  1. Sanctuary: Creating Sacred Space
  2. The Power of Intention
  3. The Blindfold: Insight
  4. Embodied Breath
  5. Music: Attunement
  6. Dance of Life
  7. Integration & Service

Sacred Space is the first building block in the Dance of Liberation lifestyle: finding your internal home and learning how to reflect that in your external home. We begin this process by exploring the parts of ourselves that are out of balance, whether in relation to our body, mind, heart or spirit. We discover how these imbalances echo in our living, work and relationship spaces.  We learn how to let go of that which we no longer want or need in our lives. And thus we create sacred space. 


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