Don't Miss The Need-To-Know Food News This Month

Advocates, scientists, chefs and designers are a few of the many agents that contribute to recent developments in the realm of food, health and sustainability. These individuals are making leaps and bounds to battle the climatic and economic challenges that face our food culture today. Although achieving a flawless model for global and local food systems is near impossible, there are steps that we can take toward the right direction. Here are just a few must-reads in food news this month.

France Says Goodbye to Plastic

No longer will they dine with plastic cutlery. Effective in 2020, France will ban all plastic cups, plates and utensils as part of their Energy Transition for Green Growth Act in hopes of fighting climate change and to serve as an example for other nations to push for environmentally conscious lifestyles.

Food Waste For Sale

In the English town of Pudsey, an industrial warehouse is turned into a surplus food store as part of The Real Junk Food Project. The initiative aims to help reduce global food waste by opening cafes that serve meals made with leftover goods from local supermarkets. The Grangefield warehouse site is the project’s first grocery store and it encourages visitors to “pay what you feel.”

Cheap Chia Seed Parfaits And Cucumber Pinwheels At The Drive-Thru(?!)

Pre-conceived notions of unhealthy drive-thrus and expensive fast food chains are debunked by this healthful Arizona-based joint. Salad and Go offers nutritious and affordable food options. Non-west coasters can hope for a nearby branch to turn up sooner than later.

You Can Have Your Cheese and Eat The Wrapper Too

In a few years, plastic wrappers might be a thing of the past. Researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture are developing a casein-made wrapper that can be used to replace familiar plastic products like string cheese packaging. However, because casein proteins are milk-based, the edible wrappers are not inclusive to dairy-sensitive individuals. For now, research scientists will only package dairy items or goods that require dairy.

Micro Gardens For Tech Savvy Urban Growers

You can get texts from your houseplants if their fruits are ready for harvest. From the innovators at MIT’s Media Lab, SproutsIO is a soil-free smart kitchen with a modern twist to the farm-to-table approach. Not only does it have sensors to monitor its environment, but it also has LED lights that automatically adapt to the plants’ needs.

It also has a SproutsIO Grow app that allows individuals to monitor their plants when they’re away. Its movable feature and easy-to-use technology gives city goers hope to start their own indoor gardens. The product intends to help bridge the continuously widening gap between producer and consumer.

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