Happiness Is In Sight! (February Film Club)


After releasing our original docu-series in November last year (Transcendence, live life beyond the ordinary) we’ve become curious to know more about intersection of spirituality and the health of the body and mind. In the past we deep-dived into the role of nutrition, now we’re expanding our horizons and taking it to the next level and delving into content that pushes the boundaries of how we view health. That’s why in 2019 we’re revealing a brand new category to our film repertoire.

To kick things off, the latest documentary to hit Food Matters TV and our February film club, Incite Happiness speaks to consumerism today, seeking refuge in religion, the rise of depression over the last two decades and how to help understand the real cause of suffering. Watch the trailer below: 


Narrated by spiritually acclaimed author and teacher Lama Marut, Incite Happiness aims to help people create true happiness in the context of today’s modern world.

This month’s film is a must watch for everyone – whether you’ve made a commitment to a spiritual tradition or not – this film is for those who want to live a useful, fulfilling, abundant and purposeful life. Encouraging you to think differently, and become empowered to put words into and actions and help you strive towards the happiest version of yourself. Because we all deserve it.

"You don't have to believe in anything, no supernatural nothings. A spiritual life is about living happily in the present, and the only person preventing you from doing that is you." - Incite Happiness.


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