Fermenting Tips From Sandorkraut


"Sandor Katz shows you why an act as practical as making your own sauerkraut represents nothing less than a way of engaging with the world." - Micheal Pollan 

Sandorkraut is an intimate portrait of Sandor Katz, America's foremost fermentation revivalist. A native New Yorker, Sandor abandoned a life in politics in the early '90's after a health crisis. He relocated to an off-the-grid queer community in rural Tennessee, where his love of gardening and an overabundant cabbage harvest led him to make his first batch of sauerkraut. An intense personal obsession with fermented foods was born.

Many of our most ancient and beloved foods - bread and cheese, wines and beers, miso, yogurt, pickles, even coffee and chocolate - are the products of fermentation. Sandor has explored the fermented delicacies of cultures from around the globe for over 20 years, working as an author, teacher, and activist; his third book, the art of fermentation, became a New York Times bestseller. Sandor’s expertise and willingness to share has made him an underground hero to home cooks and celebrity chefs alike.

Through rich visuals and warm, informal interviews, Sandorkraut introduces us to Sandor’s life and surroundings in rural Tennessee, his daily rituals of food making, his humor, and philosophy. As Sandor shares his world, he gradually reveals how his connection with the natural processes of fermentation has transformed his understanding of life and death.