5 Tips if You're New to Meditating


Are you a new meditator? It certainly can be daunting to know where to start with meditation or feel you are doing it correctly!  

Here are 5 tips for new meditators to keep in mind.

1. You Cannot Meditate Incorrectly!

If you are a new meditator, it certainly is easy to fall into judgment mode. Judgments on why you can’t seem to focus, why your body doesn’t feel comfortable or judgments that you just don’t know what is right or wrong.

Good news is that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Everybody is different, with different needs and different reasons why they begin to meditate.

2. A Meditation Practice Takes Time to Build

In today’s world of go go go, it’s so important to take time to quiet and still your mind.

We can remember to look after others, our bodies, our homes but often forget to look after our minds.

Remember that the long-term benefits of mediation are compounding and don’t necessarily happen overnight.  The good news is that you can start right now, today, this minute to build a consistent daily meditation practice, start with 5 mins and build on that.

3. Become Friends With Your Thoughts 

Life is busy, we all have so much on our plates and often those thoughts, to do lists and endless tasks can start swirling around in your mind (without you even knowing it!).   

Often when we sit down to meditate and quiet the mind, those thoughts can often rear up and distract.  Don’t worry this is completely normal, mediation is the art of noticing when your mind has wandered and consciously bringing it back into focus. This even happens to the most experienced meditators!

4. Meditation is For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

The good thing about meditation is that you can basically do it anywhere (maybe not driving thought!).  On the bus, the train, work, the park.

The key is to find what works with your schedule and what type of meditation practice fits into your life – keep experimenting.   

Similarly, you don’t have to be a vegan yogi to try meditation, it’s for anyone - meditation does not discriminate.

5. Remember There Are Different Ways to Mediate

There are so many different styles of mediation out there – Vedic, Transcendental Meditation (TM), pranayama (breathing techniques), Vipassana, mindfulness meditation, guided meditations…the list goes on!

What is often helpful for beginners is to use guided meditations.  They can assist beginners to keep focused and know what feels good in their body/mind.  

The important thing to remember is to keep trying, don’t give up if the first one you try doesn’t work, experiment on what works in your life and a meditation style you can stay consistent with.

There you go 5 tips to ease your mind, why not start today, take 5 mins to close down your eyes and take 5 deep intentional breaths, see you are meditating already!



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