Food Does Matter: My Happy & Motivational Story


This is a story that reminds us why we are doing what we do! A must-read for a nice dose of inspiration! 

“Never say never” is one of my guidelines quotes. Because I was, three years ago, a total hectic person in my relationship with food. I was a big fan of McDonald’s, meat, everything fried and of course, chocolate. And I always tried to skip physical education in school – although luckily I was fit enough, I had a normal body weight – but not so much energy and my skin had pimples. And, from too much processed food, I  suffered from colitis.

Today? I love veggies, fruits, especially sport. My skin glows. My energy is at the top. And no colitis.

Everything started three years ago when I watched Food Matters documentary. At that time, I just graduated Psychology – my first degree and passion. After watching Food Matters my eyes opened, widely. I started to search information, to read. I was feeling like my whole life was a lie in matters of food. Discovering so much and understanding that food does matter, that my life depends on it, I began to share the information with my family and friends.

Few understood my new lifestyle: vegan, mostly raw food and everyday practicing sport. That’s when I decided to do a second university in Nutrition. Because I knew that for the vast majority of people, the diploma has power. They, believe me, more now when I say something about nutrition. But mainly, I choose this university to help people, to spread the word. So I started blogging. I have a blog based on wellbeing and a lot of recipes, mostly raw vegan that I tried out.

Step by step I discovered new things, new passions. Before I couldn’t think about eating something green – I was feeling nauseous about it. Or do any kind of sport. 

But today? I am a bodybuilder, mostly raw vegan, a happy nutritionist and psychologist. I also love to write – that’s why I am here now, writing for you.

I hope that my story motivates people. Because I was there, I had that common  life that most of the people have. But I understood that I am the only one responsible for my life and I work for it, I take care of my body every day. 

I always say: our body is our temple. You can polish your soul like a diamond but if that great soul stands in a sick, out of energy body, is a real shame. Start now! Don’t wait, don’t waste your time, every single day is a blessing.

I am really grateful that “Food Matters” has shown me the way.

Thank you, Food Matters!

We love hearing from you how your life has been changed by making better choices for your health! Please share with us your story so together everyone can learn from your choices and actions and apply it to their life too.