Free 10 Minute Yoga Class for Digestive Health


Twist and Flow is designed to cleanse, releasing toxins and stress held in the body. By twisting and wringing out stored tension while flowing through sun salutes, this practice will leave you relaxed and calm.

This flow is from the new series to Food Matters TV. Yoga Express with Nadia Narain consists of 7 x 10-minute flows to keep you happy, healthy, and balanced. These 10-minute routines are based on major energetic and emotional themes you may encounter during your day. Pick and choose from the flow you want to practice or may need to bring into harmony. While each practice is concise they can be combined with others for a longer workout. Start flowing here.


Discover how to eat your medicine to heal your gut, eliminate bloating, skin issues and hair loss as I share seven nutrition principles in this free masterclass. Running for a limited time only.

Nutrition Masterclass