Healing With Essential Oils With Kim Morrison


Have you tuned in for our BIGGEST health movie marathon yet? We're up to Day 8: Eliminating Household Toxins and Healing with Essential Oils.

Today is such an important topic - and often overlooked - with the average American household containing 3 - 10 gallons of toxic cleaning products! Watch the short clip above to see what we dive into with Kim Morrison - Essential Oil Expert! 

Even so-called 'green' products can contain chemicals that are actually Endocrine-disrupters, meaning they disrupt your hormones, metabolism, growth, and development.

Don't worry, we don't leave you high and dry. You can uncover the natural alternatives you can use, including essential oils with therapeutic powers that will help to balance, heal, and harmonize your body!

You'll learn from experts like Cyndi O'Meara, Kim Morrison, and David Wolfe. You'll also watch enlightening documentaries like Chemerical, Circle of Poison, and Unacceptable Levels.

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