Help Us Reach 100,000 Kids With Essential Nutrients


Vitamin Angels are our favorite charity!

Each year they help undernourished kids all over the world get the vitamins and minerals they need to grow. For the past 4 years we have been donating to them and this year we want your help to reach 100,000 kids by raising $25,000!

Their main program, and the one we love the most, is providing 1 vitamin A supplement per kid per year to children in need. This simple nutrient can help prevent (AND REVERSE!) blindness in young kids and also set up their immune systems for a healthy life.

Malnutrition is a common yet serious health problem occurring in children all around the world. We are not talking thousands here, but millions of children who suffer from this ‘hidden hunger’, a lack of micronutrients that can lead to disease and even death.

It is assumed that the majority of malnutrition is present in third world countries but this couldn't be further from the truth with many kids in the US and other developed countries 
suffering from similar deficiencies.

Why Vitamin A?

An estimated 190 million children under five suffer from vitamin A deficiency, a major underlying cause of child mortality. Imagine your own child not being able to fight measles, diarrhea or respiratory infections to the point that their life was in danger. Vitamin A is an essential fat soluble nutrient we need to build healthy organs and especially the eyes. Unfortunately up to one third of the developing world’s children under five are deficient in vitamin A and thankfully the solution is simple, 1 vitamin A supplement per kid per year.

1 Quarter = Saving 1 Child Per Year!

The Vitamin A program that Vitamin Angels run is pure genius. They take out of date supplements (and donated supplements) from manufacturers in the US and get them re-certified. They then use existing charity distribution groups, including teams of their own on the ground in the countries they serve, and distribute the vitamins by hand to the kids in need.

It's unbelievable the effect this simple supplement can have on children 

Here's the math:

  • 1 vitamin A supplement = $0.25
  • 1 kid needs 1 vitamin supplement per year to prevent deficiency
  • Reaching 100,000 kids will cost $25,000


How Can You Help?

As part of our 2013 fundraiser drive for Vitamin Angels we're offering 50% off the Food Matters holiday gift packs. All you have to do is make a purchase and we'll donate ($2, $5 or $10) from your order. Additionally you can add to the donation when you're in the shopping cart.

To see the holiday gift packs and donation amounts please visit the free screening page here:

Together let's help 100,000 kids get the essential nutrients they deserve.


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