How Jon Gabriel Used The Power Of Visualization To Lose Over 220 Pounds


What if the secret to losing excess weight wasn’t in extreme fasting, a new diet, or excessive exercise? What if all you had to do was see it in your mind first?

In Episode 3 of TRANSCENDENCE“Beyond Belief”, we were introduced to a dear friend of mine, and weight loss expert, Jon Gabriel, who shared his remarkable story of losing over 220 lbs (100 kgs) through the power of visualization.

Visualization is the art of creating images of your goals as a form of communication. Jon explains that seeing these images is like giving your brain a roadmap to a destination. 

“We don’t know how to communicate with our own animal brain, our own physical consciousness brain, but when you use symbols, you’re bridging that gap”.

It was this mind-body practice that helped Jon completely transform his life and drop the huge amount of excess weight he was carrying. He was over 400 lbs, lacking energy, and seriously unhealthy. He tried diet after diet only to end up gaining more weight. It wasn’t until some fateful event in 2001 that Jon decided to dive into the real reason he couldn’t lose weight. This led him down a path of self-discovery and into the power of visualization. 

Jon Gabriel

Every night he imagined exactly how he wanted to look, down to the tight skin and muscle tone. It wasn’t long before his appetite changed, his mindset shifted and he was able to find the right people and programs to help him along the way. Things started to fall into place like stepping stones leading him to that image of himself he had seen while visualizing.

“Over a 2.5 year period, I lost all the weight I had gained, I lost 220 pounds, and I looked exactly the way I had imagined myself looking, down to a tee. And that is why visualization is so powerful”. 

Jon Gabriel lost 220 pounds with the help of meditation and now helps thousands of people worldwide. For 10 minutes a day, with 21 unique meditations, you can learn how to lose weight without any extreme diet or exercise. Learn more about his 21 Day Meditation for Weight Loss Challenge with Jon Gabriel. 



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