Kids Can Save the Planet


A couple of months ago, we’re all fired up and impassioned by the energy of 1000’s of young people across the globe marching and protesting to have their voices heard, to have their concerns listened to and most importantly for their governments to take action. 

The groundswell of these marches can be attributed to the noise made by one teenager, in particular, Greta Thunberg. You might know Greta as the teenager who takes a hardline approach to confront and calling out the big guys and having no qualms about tackling those types that choose to turn a blind eye to pressing environmental issues.

So how can we all be more like Greta, like other young activists or like the school kids leading the marches? Or how can we inspire our own kids to reconnect to the environment and feel more hopeful that our planet will be somewhat liveable by the time they’ve reached their adult years?

This is where you can start….

Tune into our recently released 3-part docu-series on Food Matters TV titled Kids Can Save the Planet hosted by 13-year old environmental activist Dylan D’Haeze. 

The series begins with Dylan asking the question ‘what happens when we throw our plastic away?’ The more he learned, the more he realized how big the problem is - and the more it scared him. But rather than be afraid, he decided to do something about it! Watch the trailer below: 


Get your kids to watch this, or enjoy as a family and follow Dylan’s journey while learning about climate change, zero waste, and sustainability in 20-35 minute long episodes.

Tune into the docu-series on FMTV here! Kid power is the future of the planet!


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