Ivette Rieksts

Affectionately known as ‘V’, Ivette is a stellar member of the Food Matter family! With a formal education in Nutrition and Visual Arts, Ivette combines this dual expertise within her FMTV and Social Media roles. Ivette loves documentaries and is a passionate advocate for health, which makes her the perfect content custodian and curator for FMTV. And you can watch out for her creative flair on our Instagram account! Ultimately, Ivette’s mission is to connect people with quality health information - something she does with respect, finesse and big-hearted care here.

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Health Tips

What We're Watching on Gaia

Ivette Rieksts Jan 25, 2020

Our streaming channel FMTV is joining forces with Gaia to create the largest transformational media network in the world. Here's what we're tuning into.

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Active Living

10-Minute Core Strengthening Class

Ivette Rieksts Nov 24, 2019

This short, 10-minute core strengthening class will give you the techniques and exercise to help build up basic muscle groups.

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Health Tips

Kids Can Save the Planet

Ivette Rieksts Nov 09, 2019

A couple of months ago, we’re all fired up and impassioned by the energy of 1000’s of young people across the globe marching and …

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Seeing Is Believing: The Story of Acclaimed Artist Who is Legally Blind

Ivette Rieksts May 25, 2019

Jim Hansel is famous for his beautiful paintings of nature, landscape and wildlife. He also happens to be legally blind. A new documentary chronicles …

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What Does Extraordinary Health Look Like to You? (FMTV Film Club)

Ivette Rieksts Dec 01, 2018

The flavor of wellness isn’t just about ‘not being sick’, it’s about optimizing life on all fronts, mind, body and brain.

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Natural Therapies

Yoga and Mediation Changed Chloe's Life

Ivette Rieksts Oct 03, 2018

Could yoga and meditation be the key to overcoming fear and anxiety? Watch the first 10 minutes of this film for free and discover …

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Healthy Home

Plastic Planet: What Can You Do About It?

Ivette Rieksts Sep 28, 2018

We live in the Age of Plastic. It's cheap and practical, and it's everywhere - even in our blood.

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From Hashimoto's To Health

Ivette Rieksts Mar 07, 2018

I wanted to share with others who are struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Over the years I put on a lot of weight …

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