What Does Extraordinary Health Look Like to You? (FMTV Film Club)


The latest documentary to hit Food Matters TV, Beyond Food challenges the idea of health, in an attempt to push people towards discovering health beyond the ordinary. But how can we achieve extraordinary health you may ask?

The film introduces a term you may not be familiar with, ‘Biohacking’. The term sounds a little intrusive and space age, but when you get to the core of the concept the act of biohacking is relatively basic and on a human level makes a lot of sense. Watch the trailer below. 

Biohacking is simply hacking our biology, through our food options and the emotions we nurture on a daily basis by using the affordable and transformative technologies that are available in our lives as well as implementing simple practices in our daily routines to control our internal physiology.

One great example of biohacking is BREATHING! At Food Matters, we’re big fans of controlled breathwork. In our latest self-produced docu-series; Transcendence, we interviewed Wim Hof (Or more commonly known as The Iceman Hof), Wim uses daily breathwork and cold therapy to improve his energy levels, detox his body, relieve his stress and tension, and strengthen his immune system.

“The flavor of wellness isn’t just about ‘not being sick’, it’s about optimizing life on all fronts — mind, body, and brain.” - Dave Asprey, Beyond Food.

3 Biohacks We’ve Implemented After Watching Beyond Food

  • Breathwork session 
  • Take a cold shower 
  • Walk outside barefoot

In Beyond Food, the filmmaker wanted to give a contemporary and educated portrayal of how ‘extraordinary health’ can be achieved! So the team traversed the boundaries of the United States with an objective of interviewing a diverse range of extraordinary people and how they ‘hack’ their health.

What does extraordinary health look like today? What are the possibilities that are available to people who want to experience maximum health? Can it truly be attainable?


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