Yoga and Mediation Changed Chloe's Life


Could yoga and meditation be the key to overcoming fear and anxiety? Watch the first 10 minutes of this film for free and discover how Chloe's journey of using these tools helped her to overcome these challenges in her life. 

On a deserted beach, on an early summer morning, Chloe (30) wakes up confused. We observe her discomfort, until she immerses herself, fully dressed, in the blue sea, synonymous with a maternal belly. Her thought, like Arianna's thread, accompanies us during the whole film through an inner journey made of discovery, conquest, relapse, and finally, rebirth.

A journey that starts from that beach, crosses the depth of the sea, roads, and endless panoramas, comes in a magical place, the Temple of Yoga, and continues until closing the circle at the same beach.

Thanks to the encounter with yoga and meditation, Chloe finds the keys to face and overcome fear, anxiety, and the moment she is living in. Each of its intimate phases is led by interviews with extraordinary yogis and scientists, who answer, between the lines, her spiritual doubts. Constant yoga practice allows her to accept weaknesses and prepares her to face others relapses, aware that every challenge is a hymn to life and it must be lived until the end to grow inwardly.

Chloe represents each one of us and her inner journey is ours too.


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