Linda’s Story: Sleep Apnea, Stress, & Her Hope For The Future


Ever wondered how stress or poor sleep is actually impacting your life? It may have a greater impact than you think.
Meet Linda, a Food Matters community member who has struggled with sleep apnea for over 15 years. She courageously shares her challenges with sleep, and the stress that it has created in her life.
You'll see that just by sharing her story in this video, helped her realize the deeper impact that both sleep & stress have on her life. Click the play button below to watch her inspiring story and how she intends to make a positive change for her future!
Her story and commitment to healing is profound and we can’t wait for her to join us during our upcoming free live event. We're so grateful to share her story with you today, because we know there are others out there with similar challenges. As Linda said, "Sleep and stress affect all of us." 
During our upcoming 10 Day Sleep & Stress Online Event, we'll be sharing tools and expert advice to help you discover new daily habits to sleep better, and reduce stress. This free event is happening on Facebook from February 19th.
If you’re already an FMTV member, you have full access to the 10 Day Sleep & Stress program inside the channel now!


Here’s to healing, here’s to stress reduction and here’s to a good nights sleep! 
In good health,
P.S. Do you struggle with sleep or stress? What do you think are your biggest health blockers? Would love to hear from you below.

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