New Film Update Plus Dr Christiane Northrup Video


Here is a video of Dr Northrup from her recent PBS show: Women's Bodies, Women's Health

(With Dr Christiane Northrup in Freeport, Maine.)

We are currently in the US and filming for our next film as a follow up to 'Food Matters'. We have been meeting the most incredible people on our journey and cannot wait to share with you what will soon become our next film. Here are some photos of our journey so far plus a great video featuring Dr Christiane Northrup from her recent PBS show.

With Kris Carr in Woodstock, NY (

Laurentine with Daniel Vitalis in Maine (

Laurentine and I with Jason Vale (The Juice Master) at 'Juicy HQ', UK (

Laurentine with Harvey Diamond, best selling author of 'Fit for Life' in Sarasota, Florida (

Laurentine with Dr Mercola, Hollywood, Florida. (

We have also interviewed Dr Alejandro Junger (, David Wolfe ( and Joe Cross ( and today we will be interviewing Frank Ferrante in LA ( We still have more interviews to go and will keep you updated as to how the film progresses.

Thank you for helping make this film possible with your support of 'Food Matters'.

In abundant health,

James & Laurentine