Reduce Stress Naturally with this Simple Breath Technique


Do you find yourself unable to overcome your stress?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, even if we know all of the right things to do, and let our stress take the wheel. But when we can stop and reflect we often realize that our stressors aren’t what we think they are.

Nearly all of the time we’re worried about how other people see us. We’re fearful of letting them down, or not being accepted, and we lose ourselves to that.

Uncovering our stress story is something that Dr. Libby is passionate about. She’s an internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, bestselling author, and speaker, and she has seen how fear is impacting us.

The best thing about Dr. Libby’s approach to stress is that it’s simple, it works, and it’s backed by science. To find the best remedy for our stress, she takes the time to explain how our bodies get there and what impact they’re having on the body.

Dr. Libby explains the two dimensions of the nervous system, and how slowing down the length of the out-breath can help move us from one to another. She explains how one system is more beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing, and how it can even help in the role of fat loss.

More importantly, discover how this ripple effect of looking after ourselves is changing the global health of the world.

As Dr. Libby says, “the choices we make today don’t just affect our lives today, they affect our whole future. You just have to believe that you’re worth taking care of.”

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