Revealed: The Danger of GMO Soy


A new study published in the Journal of Agricultural Sciences has shown that genetic modification of the soybean causes significant disruptions to the levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and glutathione, an important antioxidant necessary for cellular detoxification.

If formaldehyde and glutathione were used as criteria for assessment, then the GMO soy would not be “equivalent” to its non-GMO counterpart, and would not have been allowed for human consumption. Using the latest technology, the study discovered that genetically engineering soy disrupts the plant’s natural ability to control stress and invalidates the FDA’s current regulatory framework of ‘substantial equivalence’ used for approval of genetically engineered food (GMOs).

FDA Testing For Safety Of GMOs Is Inadequate

Currently, the US government has a gold standard for safety of GMOs based on ‘substantial equivalence’. Criteria for assessing "equivalence” considers only basic nutritional and superficial characteristics such as taste, sight, smell and touch, for declaring GMOs safe for human consumption. This means that a GMO is deemed safe without a detailed analysis, fast-tracking them to the market without any real testing, if the GMO product is ‘substantially equivalent’ to the natural, non-GMO variety.

Yet when we don’t test, we don’t know. This study highlights that there is so much more that we should be doing to ensure the safety of our food supply before it hits the shelves in food items across the globe!

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a known class 1 carcinogen. Meaning it’s likely to cause cancer. It’s elevated concentration in GMO soybeans is alarming and demands immediate attention and action from the FDA. Soy is one of the most widely grown crops around the US and is consumed by millions, including infants, and more than 90% of the soy grown in the US has been genetically modified.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione on the other hand, is a potent natural antioxidant important in detoxifying processes of the body. The amount of glutathione was significantly reduced in the GMO soybeans, showing that not only does it increase our exposure to carcinogens, but reduces our intake of the helpful substances that help our body fight disease and the toxins that make us ill. 

If this is not a warning that GMOs can be detrimental to our health, then I don’t what is! 

We’d rather stick to what nature provides us naturally thanks! 

Do you think the safety of our food supply is in jeopardy?


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