Studying Nutrition Online Empowered Me To Help Others, Help Themselves

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

A sentiment that is often shared among graduates of our Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program is that they didn’t begin their journey to embark on a new career path, they took the next step looking to better their own quality of life, and that of those around them. This was true for Carmen, who was already certified and working as a health coach and wanted to further her already profound knowledge base while inspiring others to follow their dreams and live their healthiest lives.

We recently caught up with Carmen again to ask her about her experiences, both before and after studying, and here are the messages that she wanted to share with you - our community.

Why did you choose the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program?

“I joined the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program because I was already a certified health coach, and I wanted to enhance on the knowledge that I had, and I followed Food Matters for many years, and I've loved the documentaries that they put out and all the information that they've put out throughout the years, and I thought it's just been amazing to be a part of that family, to be a part of that community, and it has been amazing. The information that they put out was awesome, and I'm so glad that I took this opportunity to take this program, to just add it to one more thing under my belt. I'm looking forward to all the many things that they're going to do in the upcoming years, and I hope that I can be a part of that.”

How have you used this program to further invest in your career?

“One of the things that I would love to do with my certification is, that I'm currently working on my cookbook. Hopefully, it's the first of many cookbooks, and I also would love to do cooking videos on social media and put that out for people as well. I love helping people. I've always loved helping people, and I also have some health challenges in my life, and I wanted to transform my life, and that's one of the reasons why I started this journey in the first place. And so that I can not only transform my life, but also help transform my children's lives, help transform my husband's life, and make a difference in just our lives, and then hopefully I can make a difference in other people's lives as well.”

What did you love about this course?

“It's been truly an amazing experience and I'm so happy that I joined it. I'm so happy that I was able to experience all the many things that Food Matters have to offer. And one of the things that I transformed in my life since joining the program is, just what I learned on gluten alone. That information was so life-transforming for me and life-changing for me, because even though I knew about gluten a little bit, I learned so much more about it and how it affects me and my body and my life and how we metabolize it. And that just made a huge difference for me. And as I'm on my journey to heal my body and myself, I know that with the help of God and the nutrition information that I'm learning and that I have, I will be able to not only help myself but help others in turn.”

“And if I can give out any information and recommendations to anyone, I would love to give them the information and recommendation to first practice self-love and self-care by listening to your body. Listen to your body. Our bodies are talking to us, but many times we're not listening. We don't wanna hear what our bodies have to say. When we get a little ache or pain or a little... Mm, that doesn't feel so good. We try to ignore that and we try to keep moving and go past it. But our bodies are talking to us, and if we just take the time to stop and listen to what our bodies are saying to us, then I think that we could stop a lot of things and get ahead of a lot of things, where we can change those things before they may be snowballed into something bigger.”

That’s so beautiful. Is there anything else you would like to share?

“I will also like to remind everyone that it's not too late. It's not too late for you to start, it's not too late for you to learn something new, it's not too late for you to try something new, and it's not too late for you to change your life. Sometimes we think as we get older that it's too late, but it's not too late. We still have a lot of life and living to do. Every day that we wake up is a gift. And so I just would challenge each and every person to learn that it's not too late for you to live your dreams and to live your best life. Everything is waiting for us to just wake up and do something. So not only change your life, start there, but change our world.”

“We are world changers, and we can change the world. We can change our community, and we can change our lives, and we can change the lives of our family and loved ones because many of them are sick. There are so many people that are sick. And one of the first things that we can do to combat the sickness that we have many times it's just through nutrition. So if we can just do that, just make one small step, make one small change that can change your life forever, for the better. You don't know how grateful I am for just the small changes that I've made each and every day. It's not overnight. It's not a pro, it's not gonna be overnight. It's a journey. We're on a journey, and so I just implore each and every person that is listening to this to just remember to love yourself.”

“Put your oxygen mask on first. Many times we wanna take care of everyone else. We wanna take care of our husbands and our children and our loved ones, and we neglect ourselves. But put your oxygen mask on first, practice self-love and self-care, listen to your body and go out and change the world, because we are difference-makers, and we make the difference in the world today. And so I just ask that you would do that, and just love yourself, and just continue to live your best life. So I just appreciate Food Matters so much. I thank you for this opportunity, and I'm just looking forward to what you have next to offer. And I am so grateful and so thankful, and so humbled to just be a part of this movement and to be a part of this journey. So thank you.”


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