SuperCharge Your Life (NEW Film: First 15 Minutes!)


Here is how most people start their day…

They drag themselves out of bed and still feel depleted. They take a shower and get ready, but it’s not until they pound down an energy drink - most like something with caffeine in it - that they start feeling as though they have any energy.

But what if you knew how to get energy naturally?

In the latest film to hit Food Matters TV, Supercharged, Harry and Sarah set out to explore the biochemistry to understand the way that energy affects the body, and how to put this into practice through a series of biohacking practices and traditional practices using the environment, nature and our bodies own innate responses.

We all need it, but so many of us struggle with having enough of it. A lack of energy leads to a lack of motivation. You feel tired all the time, so you rely on things that you shouldn’t put into your body to give you a boost. You might drink a caffeine-laced energy drink as one of the ways to improve motivation, but you find that your body crashes afterwards. Soon, you rely on those unnatural solutions just to get by.

What if I told you that you don’t have to do this? There are plenty of ways to answer the question of how to get energy naturally. Why is Natural Better?

Watch The First 20 Minutes of Supercharged Here!