The Best Natural Mind & Body Remedies For Stress


Most of can relate to the deeply unpleasant sensations of stress. It can creep up slowly but before you know it, there’s that familiar pounding of your heart and racing of your thoughts… You feel tense, your chest constricts and you can’t concentrate or problem-solve clearly. Over time, you may develop gut issues, sleep disorders or even a full-blown anxiety condition. 

Whilst the human body is designed to cope with short-term stress in crisis situations, chronic stress can have very negative consequences for our health. Chronic stress impacts our body’s chemistry to increases production of cortisol and stress hormones. 

This can lead to diminished immunity, hormonal imbalances and altered fat metabolism. It can even lead to plaque production and hardening of the arteries, which is why mainstream medical authorities now recognize the contributing role of stress in heart disease. 

Thankfully, there are many natural solutions we can use to reduce stress and restore calm. We’ve outlined our favorite strategies to lower stress using techniques for both the mind AND body. If you prefer more inner-body work, then click on ‘Mind’, but if you’d prefer a massage over meditation, click on ‘Body’ for our tried-and-tested pampering guide to totally get your Zen on!




Ultimately, prevention is better than cure when it comes to your physical and mental health. If you delay a holiday until you’re burned out.... then you’ve left it too late. If you only give yourself a day of rest when sickness forces you into bed... you’ve left it too late. If you put off self-kindness and work/life balance until you’re totally stressed and unable to cope…. you’ve left it too late. The time to take care of your beautiful self starts now, no matter how you’re feeling or how big your To Do List is! 

What can you do today to create more peace and serenity in your life?