The Ingredient Causing Us To Eat More And Become Unwell


How would you feel if food companies conspired to hide an addictive drug in all the food we ate? 

Our latest release from the FMTV Film Club, Sugar Blues, reveals a disturbing parallel between this hypothetical question and the real-life practices of today’s food industry. Watch the trailer below. 

Sugar Blues follows the story of Andrea, whose personal health crisis spawns a full-blown investigation of the sugar industry. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes and fearing for her unborn child, Andrea decides to eliminate all sugar from her diet. This exposes a confronting truth; sugar is everywhere and in everything, 

Over five years, Andrea investigates why sugar has infiltrated almost all packaged food. In doing so, Andrea charts the expansive growth of the sugar industry and exposes its ties with multinational corporations, politicians and even Health Care systems. 

Andrea ruthlessly confronts doctors, scientists and politicians to demand further answers. We learn about the chilling gap between food marketing dollars and public health budgets. You will also learn how these scandalous advertising ploys infiltrate our very home, so that children are hooked on sugar before they’ve even made it out of the womb. 

This film is really raw and even a little dark at times. It offers uncensored insight into the lives of a family who are addicted to sugar and struggling to cope with the upheaval that removing it causes. Andrea and her family aren’t scared to share the not-so-sweet life of being sugar addicted!

Personally, Sugar Blues stands apart from other sugar documentaries for me in its scope of inquiry. It really delves into the political positioning of food corporations and how this industry has infiltrated our very legal systems. It also demonstrates how the food industry is protected from taking public health responsibility and that real change must be driven by consumers. 

However, your take home message from this film is hopeful and clear; despite the corruption and collusion that hooks us on this heroin of foods, it is still possible to reclaim our health. This film steps through how you can beat the sugar blues for yourself and become free of the clever marketing ploys that entice us into eating a sweetly deceptive diet. 

Watch Sugar Blues on FMTV today. 


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