The Invisible War: Is There Really Such A Thing As Free Choice?


As I sipped on a green smoothie recently while explaining to Hugo (in toddler language!) the power of nourishment, it got me thinking about the world he is growing up into.
There are so many things I want to teach him, but as a father, all I can really hope for is that he learns how to make the right CHOICES in life so that he can become the best version of himself possible.
So, when I came across this month’s FMTV Film Club movie, Freedom From Choice, it hit me between the eyes. I knew I had to watch it, and in turn have been busting to share it with you. Watch the trailer now: 

A feature-length documentary which challenges, questions and probes the power we have over our own lives, Freedom From Choice investigates the invisible war that arguably exists in our society when it comes to the way we choose to live.

Taking such areas as food, medicine, finance, and media to task, the film offers an eye-opening expose of how our lives are essentially dictated to us.
Sound full on? It is really, but it totally gets you thinking. Are the choices we make actually our own, or are they being made for us? Is our perception of free choice just an ILLUSION?
In an era where regulation and red tape rule every industry, while big business has more influence than ever before (money talks sadly), the movie questions the motives of those who run our administration, examining the truth behind the concept of our so-called ‘free’ society. Hmmmm, perhaps we are not as free as we thought …
Many important issues are raised, such as:

  • How can we expect to be healthy in a world where our healthiest choices are taken away from us?
  • Are laws passed for our safety or to make money?
  • How can we trust our government to protect us?
  • Are we running our own lives, or are they being run for us?

And it doesn’t stop there.
The film also challenges the pharmaceutical industry (you know my views on that!), and queries the government’s interventionist approach on certain rights, such as why raw milk is illegal to buy or sell in the US, but not to consume. It brings in to question so many things we just accept, and perhaps shouldn’t.
With opinion from a myriad of different experts from various fields – ranging from an organic farmer, to an economist, to a high profile constitutional attorney (who has challenged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Federal Court eight times no less) – the movie highlights the limitations that are placed on us in our daily lives.
“Isn’t it interesting that the very entity that gave us mad cow, that gave us cloning, that gave us GMOs – they are the ones that we say ‘I want to put my faith in you for my food’,” exclaims Joel Salatin, organic farmer, in the film. And he’s right!

With LIBERTY one of our most basic, yet most powerful, human rights, this movie is an awesome (and in my view a NECESSARY) challenge to the establishment to forge a better, cleaner, healthier future for us all, including our children.


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