Tribute to Sean Stephenson: A Man That Will Never Be Forgotten


Today we have received the news that Sean Stephenson passed away after suffering a head injury, leaving us in shock and deeply saddened. This is a tribute to a man that provided hope to so many people around the world, a man that will not be forgotten, and a man whose legacy will live on eternally.

There are very rarely people like Sean who grace the world with their presence and perseverance. To have the opportunity to interview him for the TRANSCENDENCE Docu-Series was a rare gift and opportunity for which I am eternally grateful.

Born with a rare bone disorder that caused his bones to become very fragile and stunted his growth, he faced countless challenges, however, he pushed through, pursuing a life of service to others. His message is inspiring and uplifting and encourages each of us to see every waking moment and an opportunity to be grateful and use our gifts to serve others.

In doing so, he says we will transcend our pain and find more fulfillment and purpose in life and he was surely a living example of this.

Though his physical presence is gone, his spirit and powerful message remain.

RIP Sean Stephenson.

James, Laurentine and the FMTV team.

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