Wild & Free: Episode 6 - Homeschool & Surfing

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

In Episode 6, we explore a new way of learning. James sits down with Laurentine to talk about how she home schools Hugo. When moving to a remote, tropical island, schooling has a different set of social norms to those that we find in Australia or America. Learning at home, and learning from nature, has allowed Hugo to spend more time in the family home and explore a classroom without walls. He is joined by other expat children, who learn to read and write and create arts and crafts, but he is also joined by local children. Schooling and daycare in Vanuatu can be quite expensive; something not all families have the luxury to afford. They spend time at home in the family unit, learning from grandparents, but haven’t had the opportunity to learn traditional skills. Thanks to the open doors at our home school, some of the local kids are learning to speak English for the first time.

Just like in Australia, when the final bell rings, we grab our surfboards and head for the break. It’s learning from the environment but in a new sense of the word. Rangi is joined by his friends for an afternoon nailing new tricks and washing off the day with another form of mindfulness. Despite not being the cleanest conditions and James gashing his new board on the coral, it’s still a magical moment in time. After all, as James says, “it’s part of the price you pay for being out in the elements.”

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