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Food Market

11K Views Jan 29, 2020

In Episode One, we discover food as a way of life in Vanuatu. From Port Vila’s thriving markets to harvesting from the land, we meet with market-goers and produce-growers to discover the “true representation of food as medicine.”

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Maison du Banian

7.4K Views Feb 05, 2020

Join us in Episode Two of WILD & FREE as we explore a treehouse made famous in a film, a life of living off the grid, and a step away from the status quo.

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Happiness and Community

4.1K Views Feb 13, 2020

Vanuatu was recently named one of the happiest nations in the world. In our time in this beautiful island nation, we've found happiness exists in the simplest of forms. In the latest episode of Wild & Free, we sit down with our friend, Chief Kalmer, who talks about his way of life living in a close-knit village.

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LapLap Making

910 Views Feb 19, 2020

In Episode 4, we dive into the local cuisine. Armed with fresh, local ingredients from our earlier trip to the Port Vila markets and the guidance of our friends from Pango Village, the cooking process begins - and everyone is involved!

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Adventure Day; Waterfall & Horse Riding

2.7K Views Feb 26, 2020

In Episode 5, we play in all the nature on offer. From the oceans to the forests, Vanuatu has an abundance of adventure waiting at anyone’s fingertips. James loves getting out on adventures for the opportunity of perspective. “It really gives us perspective; to get out in nature, being among the springwater… You see the island and you see the world in a different way.”

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Homeschool & Surfing

1.6K Views Mar 04, 2020

In Episode 6, we explore a new way of learning. James sits down with Laurentine to talk about how she home schools Hugo.

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Plastic Pollution with Arlene

458 Views Mar 11, 2020

This week we join Arlene, another expat to the happiest country in the world, to tackle a problem making it's way to our shores. Plastic is constantly washing up on these beautiful beaches, with horrific impacts on this precious environment.

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Lelepa Island

264 Views Mar 15, 2021

In Episode Eight, we learn about what lies beneath. Lelepa Island is a short boat ride from the main island and is famed for some of the best snorkeling and live coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

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Tanna Island

306 Views Mar 25, 2021

In Episode 9, for James’ birthday, we surrender to nature on Tanna Island. Tucked away at the bottom of this expansive country lies a place where coffee beans grow and lava flows

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Plant Nursery & Garden Creation

335 Views Apr 06, 2021

James believes this is so different from the way we see land in the west, where it is something to call ours and lay claim to. “There is such a fluid sense of the land, a person really is just a custodian.”

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