Larina Robinson

Larina is a qualified Wholefood Dietitian, and creative writer. She is passionate about educating people on eating well with whole foods, and focusing on the individual diet that suits you best.

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Natural Therapies

Pregnancy Supplements - Which Ones Really Matter?

Larina Robinson Jan 31, 2017

Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant? Confused by the should and shouldn’ts of nutritional supplementation? While a healthy diet is essential when …

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A Day In The Life Of Laurentine

Larina Robinson Oct 17, 2016

Ever wanted to know what it’s like living a day in the life of Laurentine, Co-Founder of Food Matters? I sat down with her …

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Health Tips

How Healthy Is Your Hair? (30-Sec Quiz!)

Larina Robinson Oct 13, 2016

How healthy is your hair? Take this quick quiz to find out! Score 6 or more and it’s time for some hair TLC, naturally …

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Depressed? New Study Shows The Pill Could Be To Blame

Larina Robinson Oct 06, 2016

Clinical depression in women is often dismissed as “female mood swings” or simply “that time of the month”. Yet, a new study on depression …

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Health Tips

Ben And Jerry's Go Dairy-Free, But Is It Any Healthier?

Larina Robinson Feb 04, 2016

Ben and Jerry's are about to launch a range of dairy-free ice cream, but is it any healthier? Let us tell you the truth.

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8 Awesome Reasons To Eat Fermented Foods

Larina Robinson Oct 13, 2015

Aside from having a great fizz, or powerful flavor, here are 8 reasons to eat fermented foods!

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Health Hazards

Are You Breathing In This Silent Killer? (A Reader's Story)

Larina Robinson Oct 02, 2015

Hidden toxic mold in your home or work may be making you sick or impacting your performance every day. Discover the real life story …

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