Lisa Mase

Lisa Mase is a culinary medicine educator, mindful eating guide, food sovereignty activist, and folk herbalist living in Central Vermont. She is certified in Sustainable Food Systems through the University of Vermont and works on regional food systems planning with Food Solutions New England. Her teaching is based on her knowledge of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, and the Mediterranean Diet from her own native Italy.

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5 Simple Tips to Eat Mindfully These Holidays

Lisa Mase Dec 22, 2019

During the holiday season, I can feel stressed by all the different events happening. Many of them center around food. I work to stay …

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Health Tips

Love Your Liver with These 6 Culinary Medicine Tips

Lisa Mase Jun 28, 2019

The liver is our body's main recycling station. It re-purposes all our bile and prepares it to break down food and digest fat in …

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