Nora Day

Since the age of eight, when she was given a book on yoga by her mother, Nora found her calling, though she didn’t know it at the time. Since then she has evolved her passion for yoga into a yogi’s life of practice and teaching around the world. Nora has extensively studied the traditional teachings of Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rea, and David Williams and incorporated Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Ashtanga styles into her own unique yoga practice. Professionally, Nora is 500 E-RYT, Yoga Alliance Certified. In addition to devoting multiple hours a day to her personal practice, Nora is an example of how to honor the temple of the body. A 30-year vegan and raw foodist, Nora combines yoga, diet and a peaceful lifestyle as her formula for health, fitness, and happiness. In addition to her website, that features 100’s of free yoga videos, articles, and blogs on plant-based food and healthy living, she created; a yoga/healthy lifestyle online site, featuring yoga classes from stretch to power yoga, and her Nora in the Kitchen series. Highlighting her juices, smoothies, raw chocolates and her favorite vegan snacks.

My Articles

Health Tips

This Short Yoga Workout will Blast Your Core

Nora Day Jul 23, 2019

This Sequence of the Day will introduce you to a series of ab exercises that are proven to maintain a strong core. Strong abs …

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Health Tips

How to Get Better Posture Using Yoga

Nora Day Jul 18, 2019

Freeze! Take a look at yourself right now. Are you hunched over reading this? Are you slouched in a chair? Our time spent at …

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Health Tips

Health Benefits of Stretching More as You Age

Nora Day Jul 12, 2019

As we age, we become wiser, more experienced, and more knowledgeable. Doesn’t it make sense to have our flexible bodies stay at the same …

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