Vanessa Lamaro & Mary Martin

The Baby Builders, founded by fertility specialist naturopaths Vanessa Lamaro and Mary Martin, was created out of a love and commitment to assisting couples to become families and bringing healthier babies into the world. Together, their collective vision, passion and proven treatment strategies have helped couples all around the world consciously prepare for conception and overcome a wide range of fertility challenges. They pride themselves on offering step-by-step, easily accessible and highly effective support and resources to help the 1 in 6 couples that are struggling with infertility, as well as fertile couples wishing to create happy, healthy children.

My Articles


Are You Too Fit to Become Pregnant?

Vanessa Lamaro & Mary Martin Jul 14, 2017

Gym junkie vs couch potato… fnding the right balance of exercise for successful conception

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Creating Healthy Babies

Vanessa Lamaro & Mary Martin Apr 16, 2017

Planning for conception? If you're thinking of having a baby, read this informative article by the Baby Builders, fertility specialist naturopaths Vanessa Lamaro and …

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7 Preconception Tips to Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life

Vanessa Lamaro & Mary Martin Dec 10, 2016

Are you planning on becoming pregnant? Want to make sure you are giving both yourself and your baby the best start for your pregnancy …

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