The Truth About Getting Enough Protein and Calcium with Elizabeth Rider

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When people choose a more plant-based diet, they often have a panic, thinking, "where will I get my protein from!?"

The good news is that meat is not the only source, nor is it the best source!

In this exclusive podcast interview, join James as he chats with Elizabeth Rider about where to get protein, calcium, and other major nutrients when going plant-based.

Elizabeth is a certified health coach, popular international food blogger, and plant-based expert. She loves making healthy delicious and easy. She has studied at Cornell University's plant-based nutrition program and at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, working to better understand just what it is our bodies need to truly be healthy and thriving.

In this interview with Elizabeth you will discover:

  • Importance of calcium, protein, B12, iron, folate - and the foods rich in them
  • High-quality supplements and where to find them
  • How eating real food keeps the vitamins working together in our bodies
  • How eating real food gives your body all that it needs
  • Genealogy and how that affects our individual diets
  • Myth Busters and how ads from large corporations have told us what to believe
  • How to set up your kitchen well and budget conscious to eat more whole foods
  • Making plant-based, fun recipes, and her go-to recipes

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