The Pathway to Finding Peace of Mind with Reverend Michael Beckwith

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We are living in a high-tech, low-touch society that’s driven by attainment and consumerism. We have reached a point of spiritual bankruptcy, that has left us intentionless in our actions, deficit of attention, and ultimately unhappy.

What does it really mean to be happy, and to reach spiritual enlightenment?

This question has been discussed since the beginning of time. Often seen as the ‘Buddhist Ideal’, the ways in which we can achieve spiritual enlightenment have been debated and contested. It’s a conversation filled with wisdom and questions about our human nature, a topic we’re always eager to hear more of.

In this extended interview from Season 2 of Transcendence, Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape Spiritual Center, imparts his wisdom on how we can raise our vibrational frequency and return to a state of contentment. A place where we radiate, shine, give, and share our unique and innate gifts with the world.

In this week's episode with Rev. Michael Beckwith, you’ll discover:

  • How to survive in ‘the dark night of the soul’.
  • Meaningful, empowering questions to ask yourself, and why you need to ask them.
  • How to pull yourself out of wishful thinking.
  • The pathway to finding peace of mind.
  • Why potential is always bigger than problem.
  • How to acknowledge fear and take it on life’s journey with you.
  • The similarities between play and pray and how they are losing attachment to outcome.
  • How the universe supports your growth and leads to unagendad love.
  • Why service is the pathway to awakening, and how that differs from martyrdom.
  • How to find happiness, meaning, and long-term joy.

This episode of The Food Matters Podcast is one that provokes profound thought, and either questions or confirms everything you thought you knew about life. It’s a conversation we should all treasure, so share this with someone important to you that you think may benefit from this wisdom.

The Food Matters Podcast is available on your favorite podcast streaming platforms. We can’t wait to bring you another delicious conversation, very soon.

Episode resources:

  • Watch Transcendence Documentary Series here. 
  • Learn more about Rev. Michael Beckwith here.
  • AGAPE International Spiritual Center here.

If you've been inspired by today's conversation with Rev. Michael Beckwith, you can discover more about his teaching and those from similar schools of thought in Transcendence Season 2.