Adaptogens and Plant Medicine for Stress, Anxiety, Cognitive Decline, and Hormone Health with Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter

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If you have an ever-growing to-do list and feel like you're running on empty, this is for you.

Plants have been the basis of our medicine for many centuries, and yet we forget to fully make use of the plant world when faced with issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. The Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham wants to change that!

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Chris Kilham as we discuss plant medicine, specifically adaptogens to help manage stress and anxiety. We also dive into cognitive decline and hormone health. Join us to discover the magic of these botanicals.

About Chris Kilham:

Known as The Medicine Hunter - Chris Kilham’s purpose has been to promote natural plant-based medicine, protect the natural environment, and support indigenous cultures. Chris is a medicine hunter, an author, an educator, and TV personality, who has conducted medicinal research in over 45 countries and lectures worldwide about holistic medicine and botanical medicine. 

In this week's episode with Chris Kilham, you will:

  • Uncover the distinctions between plant and conventional medicine, exploring plant remedies for anxiety and depression

  • From the potency of cacao to psychoactive plant medicines, Chris sheds light on the future of plant remedies

  • Discover the impact of Tonka Dali and Ashwagandha on women's reproductive health

  • Chris shares tips for enhancing sperm health and emphasizes holistic lifestyle changes for well-being

  • And so much more! 

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