Gut Issues, Inflammation & Candida: A Six-Part Approach to Mind-Body Healing with Dr. Christine Smith

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What if you could finally put an end to your indigestion, bloating, and other gut issues? Or the pain you wake up feeling most days? You’ve likely tried various diet and lifestyle tweaks, but what if true healing takes a different approach? Our body is the most complex, weird, and wonderful machine that works in a complete mental-chemical-physical balance to operate at its best, so any attempt to heal the body has to cover all of these bases.

In this interview with Dr. Christine Smith, we learn her six-part approach to mind-body healing, and how to understand our symptoms as our body signaling that something’s wrong.  

Dr. Christine has focused her work on seeing the whole person through personalized, integrative healthcare. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic with a background in Cognitive Neuroscience, she specializes in Chronic Inflammation Prevention, Optimization, and Cellular Injury Recovery. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve mental-chemical-physical body balance for holistic healing.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Christine Smith covers topics like: 

  • Inflammation markers and how to identify these in your body 
  • The healing power of touch & how it can change your parasympathetic nervous system 
  • How gut issues are often overlooked yet have a significant impact on your overall health
  • Where to begin with your gut healing 
  • How important the mind-body connection is for overall healing 
  • And so much more!

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