Yoga for Heart: How Yoga Improves Cardiovascular Health

by Rishita Chandra Feb 03, 2020 1.1K Views

Many people think that yoga practices are spiritual practices that enhance our spiritual powers and takes us on a spiritual path. But, they are not truly right. This is only just a part of yoga practices.


Incognito Airport Yoga

by Emily Spurling Aug 09, 2018 660 Views

Make the most of that lull time between connecting flights, and prepare your body with some incognito yoga poses.


Awaken Your Yoga Senses

by Ashley Aiken-Redon Jan 21, 2016 3.2K Views

Are you ready to balance your nervous system, find inner stillness, heal wounds at their deepest and connect with your own divine creative power?


Yoga for Sleep: 10 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

by Brett Larkin Jan 23, 2020 9.0K Views

How did you sleep last night? Was it restful, delicious, and stuff that dreams are made of (literally)? Or was it fitful, filled with waking periods, and left you wanting more? Before popping a sedative, which can alter your mood and ability to concentrate for days after taking it, it’s best to first take a look at your daily habits.


Fertility Boosting Yoga Class (Free)

by The Food Matters Team Jun 21, 2018 744 Views

This Pregnancy Yoga Series has just launched on Food Matters TV! This yoga series is for every stage of pregnancy - 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters - with the aim of nourishing, revitalizing and preparing the body for birth.


10 Minute Hip-Opening Yoga

by Koya Webb Jan 07, 2019 2.7K Views

If you’re new to yoga, you may not have heard of ‘hip openers’ and how they can release stored emotions in a very powerful and sometimes expressive way. Try this 10-minute class to feel the difference.


15 Health Benefits Of Power Flow Yoga. Plus, A Free 10 Minute Yoga Flow

by Lauren Verona Apr 02, 2020 10K Views

Have you ever tried power flow yoga? Work up a sweat and discover how yoga is so much more than just stretching! Plus, try one of our go-to 10-minute yoga flows for free!


3 Body Benefits Of Outdoor Yoga

by Arianna Sertoli Sep 01, 2015 920 Views

Nothing compares to a revitalizing yoga flow. Especially outdoors! Did you know, there are three parts of your body that benefit from outdoor yoga the most? Find out which ones!


Our Favorite At Home Yoga Flows

by Ivette Rieksts Aug 19, 2016 5.1K Views

Do you flow at home? With increasingly busy life schedules and premium-priced yoga memberships, what better way to continue your practice than at home with guided yoga classes from FMTV! So roll out your yoga mat, find a quiet space and get ready to zen out with the Food Matters team’s carefully curated home yoga flows.


Are You Maximizing Your Yoga Practice?

by Emily Spurling Mar 26, 2018 1.2K Views

Since becoming a mother, I began to play with my favorite yoga poses and adapted them to ft the HIIT mold maintaining the Yoga ethos. After practicing this way for 6 months I was fitter than I had ever been in my entire life.

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