10 Health Benefits Of The Humble Carrot

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Juiced, roasted, mashed, stir-fried, grated, or eaten in a cake, carrots are a versatile food. But did you know that carrots offer many benefits beyond simply being tasty and versatile in cooking?

1. Energy

Carrots are regarded as a mini ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Ginseng is well known for its invigorating and tonic powers; and like the ginseng root, carrots help support energy and vitality.

2. Digestive Tonic

From a TCM viewpoint, carrots are known to strengthen the energy of the spleen and stimulate the elimination of waste.

Translated into Western terms, carrots help move food through the gastrointestinal tract faster, and support blood sugar regulation and blood building.

3. Support Lung Qi (Energy)

Carrots are known in TCM to support the energy of the lungs.

4. Supports Lung Health

The high Vitamin A content in carrots is very supportive to the mucous membranes of the lung. Carrots are anti-inflammatory, and also support the reduction of coughs and mucous.

5. Anti-carcinogenic

Studies suggest that the bioactive compound in carrots is not only anti-carcinogenic (cancer preventing), but also aids in the apoptosis (death) of cancer cells.

6. Nutritive

Carrots are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are one of the best sources of carotenoids zeaxanthin and xanthophyll; both precursors to Vitamin A. They are also loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and fiber. Additionally, carrots are rich in lutein (great for eye health), and lycopene (for prostate health).

7. Increase Breast Milk Flow

Carrots are a lactogenic food, meaning they promote the flow of breast milk. The Vitamin A content is great for building baby’s immunity and eye health, too. However, be careful. If you eat too many carrots, you and baby might turn a little orange!

8. Immunity

Carrots are great for helping to boost immunity by increasing white blood cell count. The carotenoids found in carrots support immune health and build resilience to infection.

9. Eye Health

If you cut a carrot open and look in the center, you will see a similarity to an eye. The doctrine of signatures has traditionally used carrots to support eye health. This is now scientifically shown to be true, due to the carotenes lutein and zeaxanthin found in carrots.

10. Cancer Juice

If, like us, you are a fan of the Gerson Therapy, you would have come across carrots being juiced in high amounts to support the healing of cancer. In the juiced state, fiber has been removed from the carrots, allowing the nutrients to be quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream. With the long list of benefits above, plus being anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, supportive for digestion, and also having the ability to flood the body with nutrition, it’s no wonder carrots are used in the Gerson Therapy.

The list of benefits derived from the humble carrot goes on well beyond increased immunity and cancer support. If they are not currently in your diet, we hope you will add them in.

And If You Are A Carrot Fan, How Do You Enjoy Eating/Drinking Carrots?

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