10 Signs You’re A Wellness Junkie (Funny!)


What started out as an interest, has now turned into a lifestyle that you can’t ever see yourself turning away from. But what saw your interest tick over to full blown passion? A yoga class, a new superfood, a mindful quote, or perhaps a fascinating health documentary
 Whatever your reason may be, here are 10 signs that you’ve crossed the line from health enthusiast to total wellness warrior:


1. You Could Hypothetically Eat Your Beauty Products

All of your skin-loving goodies come straight from your kitchen. Oats, Manuka honey, avocado, coconut oil - you know how to get that natural glow. 


2. You Don’t Set Goals, You Set Intentions

Your intentions are mapped out on your vision board, and you manifest them. On the regular. People just think you're lucky, but really, you know better.  


3. You Don’t Use Plastic

Instead, there is an extensive collection of mason jars and reused nut butter jars storing your quinoa, almond flour, maple syrup, nuts, seeds, and superfoods. Reduce, reuse, recycle.  


4. You Can’t Look At A Donut Without Seeing Inflammation

What was once a treat, is now the carrier of too many troublesome ingredients. Hello, gluten, sugar, and processed fats. At least there are raw, healthy versions now.


5. You Ask For Tamari With Your Sushi

There is no such thing to you as regular soy sauce anymore, only gluten free tamari.


6. You Are Not Afraid Of Using Nutritional Yeast

On practically everything. Despite the strange looks from your friends and family. “It’s just like cheese, I swear.”


7. You Have Accepted The Fact That You Smell Like Coconut Oil

Nothing wrong with smelling like the tropics....After all, it’s just so good for so many things!


8. You Go Through A Lot Of Lemons Each Week

Lemon water, lemon toner, lemon and ACV, lemon in your juice, lemon on your salads, lemon raw desserts…. you love lemons.


9. You’re Unsure About Corn

It’s in everything, but it’s gluten-free, but it’s usually GMO, but the fresh kind is a vegetable, yet the dry kind is a processed grain…. AHH!


10. You’ve Taken Sides On The Debate Between A Thermomix Or Vitamix

And regardless of your appliance of choice, you refuse to engage in a price debate with someone who doesn’t understand it’s value. It does everything, OK?



We’re Totally Guilty Of Some The Above! What Are Your Wellness Warrior Quirks?


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