14 Year-Old Girl Beats Kevin O'Leary In GMO Debate (Incredible Video)


When it comes to the war on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) it's clear that things are slowly starting to change. If not for the small decrease in production of GMO foods, there certainly is a shift in awareness; where people are slowly waking up to the reality of genetically modified foods and the real hazards they can have on their health.

Finally people are beginning to stand up to large corporations and say:

"No! I don't want my food to be played with by scientists in petrie dishes. Let's keep things the way nature intended!"

I wanted to share with you a truly amazing segment that aired on CBC news earlier this month. 14 year old activist Rachel Parent challenges TV personality Kevin O'Leary on the hotly debated topic of GMOs and why GMO labeling should be enforced. She believes that if GMO labeling is controlled it will help protect our society and allow individuals to make their own informed decision on whether they want to consume them or not. 

It's amazing how a 14 year old girl can take down Kevin O'Leary with facts and research instead of petty name calling, to come out the clear winner in this heated debate. 

I find this 14 year old girl's passion to fight against GMOs absolutely inspiring! To me it embodies hope that the world is changing and that people of all ages are beginning to shift their thinking and become aware of the harm that GMOs can have on our environment and people. I believe that everyone has a voice and should be allowed to be heard. The more people that make a conscious decision to bypass GMO products and stand up to the large corporations, the more likely we are to see GMO products finally disappear from our supermarket aisles.

Please share this amazing segment with family and friends and together let's spread the message of how harmful GMOs are and bring our food back to the way nature intended it- GMO free!

In good health,


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